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Known for its medicinal, nutritional and aesthetic properties, the rose has been honored and cultivated for centuries. A powerful symbol of beauty and love, the rose has been mistreated in recent decades as it has been sacrificed to the whim of modern commerce. We at Ethereal-Roses have banded together to recognize and restore the cultural significance of the rose and pay it due respect. We are dedicated to making Ethereal the source of the world’s most extraordinary roses.

At Ethereal Florists, the tradition of elegance remains intact and is preciously transmitted by a highly professional florist team, whose creativity, ability and sensibility is unmatched. Just by magic, our expert hands give life to your most glamorous or passionate dreams. At Ethereal Florists, each floral creation is unique. Each arrangement is a reflection of who you are and will express your most profound emotions better than any other message, in luxurious and exclusive signature boxes.

Davinder Singh ( Co Founder/Business Developer ) Satpal Singh ( Co Founder/Business Manager ) Sonia Kaur (Artwork Designer)