Fifty Shades of Red

Fifty Shades of Red

The classic red rose in all its glory is the ultimate expression of electrifying love from a lovelorn heart to his or her special one. The beautiful hues of red convey a lover’s sincerest affection, devotion and passion very deeply. But did you know that, as are different kinds of love so are different shades of red roses and each speaks a different language of love? Love is not a single emotion; it has several layers. Like the passionate and complicated shades of love between Ana and Christian of Fifty Shades of Grey, roses too have many shades of red each with an intention of its own. Starting from mere attraction to sensual to intense love to coming apart, every stage of Ana’s and Christian’s relationship can be paralleled to a shade of red. Come; get to know more about the very many shades of red roses and what they mean..

The commencement of Ana’s and Christian’s relationship in a casual meeting bordering friendship resembles the lightest shade of red. The lightest of red or pinkish roses imply newfound romance, budding love and friendship. It symbolizes innocent love stumbling on the thin line between love and friendship. This sweet and enchanting love is best conveyed by the lightest of red roses.

With the advancement of the relationship between Ana and Christian, the feelings grow into them starting to date each other and find each other attractive resembling a slightly deeper hue of red. The light red rose conveys tender and sensual love. It symbolizes pure bliss that comes with being in love. Bright enough to mean love, yet subtle enough to tone the intensity and passion down. It is ideal express affection, care and fondness in love.

Remember the red Audi A3 that Christian gifts Ana at her college graduation? Their relationship is soaring towards the peak of emotions at this stage. A boisterous colour that bright red is, it is perfect when you want to voice out your feelings loud. The classic bright red rose is the passionate member of this group. It signifies all things fiery, exciting and powerful. It helps convey intense love and hides nothing. It is all there or not at all! The daring red classic rose is all about passionate and intense love at its peak.

As the torturous romance between Ana and Christian gets deeper and sensual games get intense, so does the shade of red in their relationship. Dark red roses are a bold expression of love. They have an aura and beauty that expresses intense feelings, deep passion and desire. Dark like an aging wine, dark red roses indicate classic beauty, quiet seduction and composure. They have an elegance of their own and look mysteriously beautiful!

With Ana realizing Christian is not right for her and that she cannot find happiness in such a tormenting relationship, marks the end of Ana’s and Christian’s love story. From a bright beginning to a dark end, their love story at the end resembles the darkest shade of red, almost black. The darkest of red roses, signifies all things mysterious. It may symbolize thrill in love but mostly is associated with farewells and endings. It stands for tragic love and marks the end of a relationship. Darkest of red roses are enigmatic and a rare find!

Red roses are the most beautiful expression of love. The different stages of love just like in Fifty shades of Grey can be expressed by using the different shades of red roses. These beautiful blooms are sure to compliment your heart’s burning desire and torment.

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