What every Rose color means : Choose the right color for your friends

Come Friendship’s Day and there are myriad gift options available all around! But flowers, especially roses, make the best gifts for all kinds of friends. You will hardly come across someone who doesn’t like receiving roses. Roses are ideal gifts for expressing your heartfelt sentiments and celebrating happiness.  But choosing the right rose for your friends could be stressful; not because roses aren’t appreciated but because different colors of roses imply different meanings and sentiments. Its important to understand the significance of each color and then choose the right hue to convey the right message to your friends!

Here’s a quick guide to what different rose colors stand for and what to choose for your friends.

Classic red roses universally symbolize love. Red stands for romance, passion, energy and undying love. Red roses are not meant for friends. They should only be gifted to your special one or your spouse and are ideal for proposing love or marriage. Red color is high energy and increases passionate feelings. Avoid buying it for friends.

Yellow rose is the classic choice as color of friendship. Universally, yellow roses are gifted on Friendship’s Day and are used to convey the essence of friendship. Yellow roses are closely associated with the sun and are perfect to cheer your friends up. They express love, care, appreciation and joy associated with friendship and are totally devoid of romantic cues. They are the best gifts for friends and in fact, Friendship’s Day is incomplete without gifting your friends a bunch of yellow roses!

Pink roses epitomize gratitude, appreciation and grace. They are gifted to express admiration or appreciation towards the recipient. Pink roses are classic symbols of feminity, gentleness and grace and make ideal gifts for the women in your life – be it friends, colleagues or your mother!

These blooming beauties represent innocence, modesty, tenderness and purity. Just like the color, these roses are ideal to gift to younger girls or any friend you wish the best for! They are perfect to let someone know that you are missing them. Peach roses are used in parties or social gatherings and are great to gift to friends.

The fiery orange rose symbolizes new beginnings as well as attraction to someone. It expresses the feelings of captivation and enchantment the best. It could also be seen as a bridge between friendship and love. When gifted to friends, it also says ‘I’m proud of you’! So, go ahead, get your special friend orange roses but make sure he or she is the only one who gets it!

A bunch of mixed-colored roses too makes a very warm gift to friends. It mainly represents happiness and positivity. Mixed color roses do not convey any particular meaning but express all things nice and positive! They also make a great gift to your friends as a sign of celebrating the beautiful bond you share with them.

Roses express where words can’t. Celebrate happiness and re-kindle your friendship by gifting a beautiful bunch of roses to your friends. With the meanings of different color roses in hand now, make the right choice of bouquet for friends and convey your true feelings.



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