Awe Inspiring Backdrops & Flower Installations
When it comes to creating awe-inspiring flower arrangements and backdrops we have unrivalled knowledge and experience. Flower installations are a fundamental ingredient to any event, creativity being of the utmost importance. Wildabout recognise that truly successful events stem from meticulous planning and organisation.
Private Events
Your events are a chance to escape the ordinary. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or an all-out bash, the Ethereal Roses team has every detail covered. Our full service team takes care of everything from floral pieces for dinner tables, buffets and entries, to all aspects of the planning— including table design, lighting and ambiance. Rest assured that your vision will come to life before your very eyes; guests will marvel and you will love how easy it was to throw such a memorable event. For a personal consultation, please call our Special Events Department at 7838849449.
Set the perfect tone for your next fundraiser event— the Ethereal Roses events team will bring the spirit of your charity organization to life! We work with you to create a festive glow that captures the attention of every guest on any budget, in any theme. We love a challenge and are more than happy to work an imaginative wonder within your preexisting parameters. For a personal consultation, please call our Special Events Department at 7838849449.
Corporate Events
Take something off of your plate! The Ethereal Roses team makes planning your next corporate event easy and beautiful. From corporate dinners and business meetings, to VIP conferences and holiday events, we handle all of the details so you don’t have to stress. Your event will come to life with beautiful tables capes, lighting and exquisite floral arrangements crafted to your preferences— and because we are a full-service events team, we assist with every aspect of the event, including coordinating with other vendors, sourcing specialty linens, handling rentals, set-up and take down. Simply put, our team does what we do best, so you can do what you do best. For a personal consultation, please call our Special Events Department at 7838849449.
Weddings Floral Décor
Ethereal Weddings are in a category all their own. With the unrivaled artistry and elegance you’ve come to trust, our wedding experts offer services ranging from partial and à la carte, to deluxe and all encompassing. Intimate or grand, rustic or luxe, minimalist or lavish— our approach to each event takes its cues from the beauty of your story, the season, setting, and your unique tastes. Add a dash of Winston magic and the result is a day so beautiful it will be remembered for years to come. For a personal consultation with one of our wedding specialists, please contact our Special Events Department at 7838849449.